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CATI Studio 

Call Centre for your marketing research. Cost-effective phone surveys - plus CATI on-line.

International KMG CATI studio in Bratislava. We are ready to gather for you the accurate data in time.

Cati Studio

Our interviewers speak both Czech and Slovak. (Different teams)
Why not to use KMG CATI studio for your surveys in Czech Republic and Slovakia -  from one center?

One of the most modern CATI studios in Slovak and Czech Republic uses the most innovative state-of-the-art technology. 
Our CATI system is supported by AUTO DIALLING and SMS (Sample-Management-Service) to increase the quality of the interviews and the efficiency of our studio. The system, which is equipped with a voice recognition system, automatically dials the selected telephone numbers and the successful contacts are fed to the interviewer. As a result, the interviewer is able to concentrate fully on the important factors - the questions and answers - and is not distracted by numerous unsuccessful dialing and contact attempts. The AUTO DIALLING system also allows the integration of audio spots or music samples.

KMG CATI studio provides you with "transparent fieldwork" - the client is able to participate in the interviewer briefing or in the execution of the telephone interviews at any time.

The advantages of telephone interviews over face-to-face interviews are:
- Shorter field times.
- Lower cost – especially with interviews under 15 minutes.
- Higher sample exhaustion due to repeated contact attempts.
- Better interviewer control.
- Less error-prone due to omission of the data-recording phase after the interview.
- Chance to react to weaknesses in the data collection method during the field period.

CATI interviews are particularly suitable for:
- Highly standardised surveys.
- Surveys that would normally be limited or not possible at all with the conventional paper-and-pencil method due to complicated filtering.
- Studies with a very small and precisely-defined gross sample, as the system always stores the reaction to a successful connection and relays the telephone numbers back to the individual work stations after a predefined period of time.
- Surveys with complex quota samples, which are continually checked by the system.
- Studies with difficult target groups that can be contacted via CATI at less cost and more specification.

KMG CATI interviewers have undergone a special selection procedure and are thoroughly trained. We prefer the long-term cooperation with our interviewers so that we can ensure a high degree of quality. We also take measures to maintain this standard through continuous team training.

CATI on-line
Our universal database system can utilize most of WEB servers all over the world.
We can provide telephone calls utilizing your CATI questionnaire on your WEB side. 



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