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A brand has its life. Brand is given life by marketers, but also by consumers.

Brand comes to life and develops as a result of processing of lots of marketing information – in minds of consumers and marketers. These things are getting more and more complicated nowadays. And this is why the specialized consulting-research agencies watch over quality checks and processing of this information. The know-how of KMG is integrated in pro-BRAND product. It is a system of follow-up consulting and researching processes. The goal of pro-BRAND application is to shape up and develop strong, competitive brand which can sell.

You can apply pro-BRAND at establishing of a new brand as well as at building and developing an already existing one.

Basic steps of pro-BRAND process are as follows:

  • Despite 100% professionals – the brand owner doesn’t know everything.
  • Find out as much as you can. Consult.
  • Keep the right procedure. Do not start from the end – do not start forming (or improving) your brand from behind a „green table“ without thorough verifying – even when the idea seems to be flawless
  • Get familiar with the idea of information based consulting - on market research. Do not overestimate the endless creativity.
  • While projecting brand parametres (features) join the two seemingly contradictory lines:
         - Company vision – brand must reflect it
         - Information about attitudes, shopping behaviour of the customers and other market parameters.
  • Test the brand concept by reliable research procedures.
  • Choose a reliable advertising agency, which really understands your way of thinking and perfectly understands your company’s identity. It is assumed that such an agency meets all the professional standards.
  • Together with the advertising agency, consulting-research agency develop processes of launching the brand onto the market, image building, loyalty building, observing the attitude dynamics of customers, correction procedures and brand development.


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